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When working capital has been depleted, and cash flow is slow
Accounts receivables represent a practical resource that can be used to generate capital or pledged as collateral.

When used as collateral for a business loan, account receivables become an integral part of establishing a line of credit that can be used to fill orders, start a new project, and ultimately generate more revenue. Factoring receivables is a resource that can be used repeatedly to solve your need for a working capital loan.

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I highly recommend Alpha Gateway Capital for the securing of business financing or a business loan; professionalism, aptitude, timeliness, and resourcefulness are all great winning traits that they possess, and its essential for professionals working in the high pressure business financing realm. I have nothing but praise for their effort and work!

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The receivables can also be sold, in which case the pent up power of earned but uncollected sales revenue is unleashed as an influx of cash is received. 

Either way, accounts receivables represent a well established resource for practical working capital solutions.
Ironically, many small and mid market businesses are ideally positioned to utilize these methods to access capital and accelerate cash flow, at Alpha Gateway Capital we are here to show you how.

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Alpha Gateway Capital provided great insight and relentless dedication in helping us identify financing for our small family business. This allowed us to make some much needed investment and improvements. They took on much of the administrative burden and provided us with clear guidance on what was needed and when. It made it easy for us so we could continue to focus on the business. We are so grateful.

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Factoring, the ultimate cash flow solution.

Its a formula that can be replicated month after month.

Factor as much or as little as you like.

Factoring Invoices or establishing a line of Credit

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