Construction Factoring

With construction factoring the construction company and sub-contractors get paid for not only completed projects, but work in progress as well. This puts cash your hands when it is needed so that  at those critical junctures the work can continue without the inefficient time delays of work stoppage due to lack of payment and inability to source the materials required to move the job forward. Our investors will be with you every step of the way for payment as project milestones are met and the final payoff when the job is complete. 

The Factoring Process

Spot Factoring

Alpha Gateway Capital Investors factors account receivables for multiple industries, a few of which are highlighted below.

With spot factoring, factor invoices as often or as little as you want. This can be a great option for meeting seasonal demands, or order fulfillment for large contracts. 

Advertising Cleaning Product Suppliers Maintenance Services Commercial Contractors
Apparel Courier Services Manufacturing Security Guard Services
Food Processing Commercial Catering Marketing Publishers & Printers
Bookkeepers Graphic Design Medical Billing Sign Shops
Biotech Janitorial Service Commercial Painters Wholesalers & Distributors
Carpet Cleaning Landscaping Staffing Companies Many Others

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When you factor you turn invoices into cash.

With factoring you can eliminate the struggle to cover operating expenses, re-stock inventory, or meet payroll. As a well-established widely accepted tool, factoring dramatically accelerates the receipt of payments already earned, so that you’re not revenue rich and cash poor. Through factoring, accounts receivables become an instant source of cash; instant working capital injected in your business to fuel growth and stabilizes operations.

A Partial List of Other Industries Served

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The administrative staff of the factor will assume this responsibility, utilizing soft collection techniques and friendly reminders until payment is received in full. 

Medical Factoring

With our freight and transportation program get funded the same day you deliver your load. With advance rates up 97% and no monthly minimums or contracts you will have the ability to control your load and your cash flow. Plus with unmatched back office support not only will our investors collect on open invoices but they will invoice your clients for you.  Access to fuel cards and fuel discounts are additional benefits included in this product for small freight (1-4 trucks) operators. 
Large Freight / Transportation operators please inquire about the numerous freight / transportation factoring programs available.

Government Receivables Factoring

Factoring companies recognize that as long as you have sales, you have capital. The whims of when your customers pay is no longer the critical driver of your cash flow. Factoring is the WD-40 that takes a business that has been grinding to a halt and turns it into a fully lubricated machine.

Since factoring is not a loan, it’s not dependent on your credit worthiness but the credit worthiness of your customer. 

With factoring, you can receive up to 90% of the completed invoice amount 24 hours after the product has been delivered or the service has been completed. The remaining 10% will be received when your customer finally pays 30, 60, or 90 days later minus the factoring fee. But that’s not all, not only will you get paid on your invoices within 24 hours, through factoring you are relived of the burden of collections.  

As lucrative and sought after as a government contract might be, we know that the hardest part of the job might not be submitting the winning bid, but getting paid. That’s why Alpha Gateway Capital LLC works with investors that specialize in government contracts.  Through our funding programs the resources to complete the job on time while alleviating working capital shortages are a phone call away. 

Freight & Transportation Factoring 

Healthcare providers from medical facilities, to nursing homes, or clinics for physical therapy rehabilitation or mental health treatment, our investors have working capital solutions that will provide an immediate injection of capital as revenue that has been earned but uncollected is sold for cash. Escape the regulatory maze of the payment process for a streamlined approach that will help move your practice or business forward past the stalemate of capital depletion. With medical receivables factoring the bridge between revenue earned and collected is reduced from months to days.