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/ ACH capital advances, and traditional asset-based revolving lines of credit, others cannot.  In such special cases, our professional staff can often provide unique, niche financing solutions which include:​

We work closely with our small business clientele to assist in securing all types of asset-based, non-bank financing solutions.  While most capital needs for our clients can be addressed through the implementation of well-practiced financing facilities such as commercial factoring, merchant 

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Purchase Order Finance:

The posting of trade letters of credit used for the manufacture of goods required to meet the strict conditions of a valid purchase order from a credit-worthy customer.  Commonly used for offshore contract manufacturing.

Microloans and Micro-Factoring: 

Small business loans and factoring facilities for early-stage start up entrepreneurial ventures.

​International Factoring: 

Advance cash for international sales where the creditworthiness of a non-domestic customer is unknown. International factoring eliminates the need for costly and time consuming letters of credit.

Equipment Leasing & Finance:  

Financing arrangements through leasing or more traditional types of finance specifically tied to equipment.